Tips for Week at Burning Man


Thanks to Little Woo for this instructive guide, see links to her other guides below and visit her site for more joy and info.

Before You Leave Town: 10 Important Items If you are pressed for time, you can at least ensure you have these key items! (Extra toiletries, food and water can be easily acquired on the drive down if needed)

1) Valid ID to enter the USA (passport or enhanced driver’s license etc)

2) Credit card and ATM bank card

3) Some US cash (especially for buying ice at Burning Man)

4) Burning Man ticket (or Will Call information) and vehicle pass + early arrival pass if applicable

5) Any required medicines or medical supplies (but NO illegal drugs)

6) Dust Goggles

7) Travel Medical Insurance Policy Number and Toll Free Claim Number **

8) Cell phone and charger

9) if you are driving: Route map & Directions, Driver’s license, Car Insurance papers, Extra set of car keys, Roadside Assistance info

10) Emergency Contact Numbers (Next of kin or close friends)


Even if you’ve been to Burning Man before, some of these links are helpful to review!

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