Tides a poem

          ~Tides~ by Ryan Bisset Her beauty defies belief- I’m sure this is real life- but how could such a precious treasure be?- Her heart and mind- contain this energy- Her heart stands time- and remains with the feather king- He’ll never let her dreams- fall into the dark hand- by […]

The Swirl

Swirl. by Maureen Grooverkitty Colored lights flashing, beautiful people passing, dancing, making eyes. Take another sip. Amber carbonated delish. Thirsty. Spinning in circles, releasing the tension, more discombobulation. Black immeshed concentric circles, warm air, warm bass. Sound waves. Jump back onto someone’s foot. Gently apologize with a smile. Sometimes. Smolder. Burn. Fire. Bubbles popped. Limbs […]

Dreams of Photosynthesis

Dreams of Photosynthesis by Maureen Grooverkitty So much healing deep in these trees, the moss, the river. Hanging in as many different hammocks as possible. Getting knocked about sometimes, from the jostling and play of others from the interconnected web of bungies holding the hammocks to the trees. Channeling the dnb dance spirits on friday […]