Romance with the Xx, beautiful music for Love!

Romance with the Xx, beautiful music for Love!


Life is love. Welcome to the month of February, the month of chocolates, pink, and romance. Whether you are in a relationship, heartbroken, or forever jaded, love will always be present in our lives. In this article I bring you one of the most beautiful musical acts I have ever heard, The Xx.

Photo from this article

Photo from this article

With dueling vocals, big drums, beautiful guitar riffs, and a catchy beat the Xx is perfect romance music, although many times listening to the Xx by myself has brought tears to my eyes. There is no better way to kick this off than the first track from of the debut self-titled album, released in the UK in 2009. Here is Intro.

Even though working with super producer Diplo in the past, The Xx album was produced by the four members of the group to receive amazing reviews. Instantly in 2010 this group’s music was on TV, in movies, theme song for the Olympics, and touring the biggest festivals in North America and the UK. Here is a track off of the highly acclaimed Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Here is the aptly named Shelter, off the Xx album, another song that makes you feel enveloped in love and comfort. With the duo singing together this feels like a candle lit evening where only there could be only two people in the entire world.

I should warn you now, if you have ever had your heart broken, or if you have ever broken someone’s heart the Xx will be able to bring the hardest of hearts to tears. This tune has its sorrows hidden in a catchy dance beat.

Now this song uses a secret weapon, one of the all-time classic heart break tunes, Chris Isaac’s wicked Game. Take a moment to check out the mash up for it goes so perfectly together, for now I bring you the Xx’s beautifully crafted tribute.

Wow, besides the soundtrack single these have all been off of one album, absolutely stunning. How can they top such perfection? Well with no sign of slowing the first single off of the sophomore album, Coexist, still brings tears and heartbreak. This sublime song gets me every time. Here is Angels.

The follow up single is a bit more radio friendly yet still not commercial. Still bringing the signature sound Crystalized is a great tune with a combination of atmosphere, emotion, and a great rhythm.

Being on Hippy Raver we are going to show some of the remix side of things. Here is a great Garage remix of Night Time.

Of course there are many remixes of the Xx in many different styles; The Bachelors of Science did a DNB remix, Dj Sliink did a trap remix, Hulk did a brostep remix and there is even a 10 hour long remix of Intro, but I am going to bring a remix that Jamie from the Xx did for Four Tet. If you don’t know about Four Tet check them out, they have been in the UK garage, experimental Acid Jazz scene since the early 90’s. This track really has the flavor from both groups well represented. Here is Lion by Four Tet, remixed by Jamie XX

And here is Four Tet’s reply; with a classic underground UK sound they redo VCR in a progressive house manner.

A lot has been said about this great group and I look forward to seeing what is in store for us in the future. No matter what state of love you are in, The Xx makes you feel emotions and musical bliss. Hope you have enjoyed my selection and my love for music.

Sweet Dreams,

Rey Ninja

P.s. As a bonus I leave you with a 2hr mix by Jamie Xx. This mix was next level in 2011 and is still ahead of it’s time today. For some future garage and a slew of other genres of music enjoy Jamie’s mix!

And another on the Boiler Room at the end of 2012


Romance Xx, beautiful music for Love!