Principles of Hippy Raver

Principles of Hippy Raver

Being Loving, it’s OK to Hug.

Group-hugLove in an unconditional sense is heart opening, beautiful, accepting of others, and thus not judgmental.When people are loving everyone else generally feels more comfortable, happier, and are more likely to be creative.

Hugging can connections between people and has been show in studies to increase the hormone Oxytocin and lower blood pressure for most people.

Dance Like Nobody is watching

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain — The idea is clear have fun, express yourself, and yet impress if you choose, freedom means just that.

Leave the Planet and your immediate Environment in better shape

The term Leave no Trace was popularized during Burningman and is a great example of personal and communal responsibility. Yet we can go a step further by considering our actions and their effects on the world. Eating meat take 5 times the energy of a vegetable diet, flying creates a lot of greenhouse gasses, eating organic really helps keep harmful chemicals out of the food chain and water reserves, and eating local foods, and eggs, also saves 1500 miles of transport for your food. The great thing is living healthy and organic is also good for you.

Everyday a new step

Yesterday was great, dub-step is cool, Burning Man 2004 was the best year, only movies made in the 50’s were worthy. Let’s be on the thriving creative edge, cute-step today, bunny-step Friday, you tell me what’s new, what’s cool. Studies have shown that taking new routes to work each day increase brain power, learning new languages, new games, new skills, all great stuff on many levels.


Create instead of Hate

We all love great music, fantastic art, sparkly dancers. Making the art can be as much fun as enjoying it, and creative expression tends to make people happier. The opposite might be someone who enable to create gets into a rut of not quite being satisfied with others art and perhaps being jealous of their accomplishments. Whatever the reason, the outcome is clear, if your down, mess around, with art and music.

This video shows the serpent mother at Burning Man constructed by the Flaming Lotus Girls. Amazing stuff, very creative.


The smile on the face of a person receiving a gift is more than enough reason to give one. The act of giving makes the world a better place for the gifter and the giftee, by removing the idea that every action has to be met by another action the recipient can rally enjoy the gift. Bartering is good to, gifting is the ultimate way to cheer people up.


What we think effects what happens, whats we say effects things, vibrations can be felt even when words are not spoken. Intentions help create positive actions, since the


This is the mantra of ravers everywhere and was in fact “invented” by hippies, and before that be Buddha and others. Whats does it mean? PLUR is two popular principles and two lessor know ideas, rolled together as one. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It took my a while to understand the idea, to me the key is that to really have Peace love and unity we have to respect each other and our ideas. Without the respect we generally wont really have true love and our less likely to have peace.

Treat Our Bodies Like Temples

frutiLove comes from within, by eating right, exercising, not abusing substances, we can make ourselves better, be  a better example for others, and unburden society form treating unhealthy people of diseases and sicknesses they need not get in the first place. 

More to Come- Feel free to send in your suggestions 🙂