Onesies in Wonderland Rave September 18th

If your in Seattle area come by Hippyraver store and enjoy our moving sale and get discount tickets for this party. 5519 University Way NE or call 206 384 3728, we have onesies, larva design shirts, and lots of good records to listen to.  

Very excited to haveqqqes our next event, complete with amazing dj’s, visuals, yoga, free fruit, and lots of fun. Bring your onesies and get a free chai. Don’t have a onesies?! You can get one with your ticket, or at the show, plus cool vendors will be offering everything you could ever dream of. Outdoor fire pit and great sound system all at a Seattle location. Yoga starts at 7 dj’s at 9:00. Dj’s include TC Spin (Connecticut, Seattle) Damen Draeko, (New York, Texas, Seattle) Kiki Nicol (Texas, Seattle) Waater Portland Seattle Josh Landry (Psy Seattle) Lasers and a Food truck just announced

Free art supplies and water will be provided.

Early Bird Tickets are only $9

then let your body move


Here are two of the artists samples, more will be posted Monday.


First up Waater, hiding out in Portland Waater has thrown raves and played on the radio for eons, in several galaxies and now back in Seattle. Trance, downtempo, techno, it's all there, so beware your dancing shoes might need new soles.


Kiki Nicole stole the show at the last Hippyraver event, all the way from Texas Kiki has decided to bless the Seattle scene a while longer with her varied talents and musical discoveries.

unicorn_onesiesUse the below button if you want a onesies with your ticket, save and prepare, we will contact you for size options you can also phone 206 384 3728 to see any of our 100 Onesies go to UNICORN ONESIES

More Random sick music for you.....





We will post more soundclouds set in the next day or two for now enjoy Carl Cox, somebody will hopefully play some of his tracks on the 18th