Modern Health, 7 Up vs. VitaWater vs. Lemon Water


Hello again! One of the biggest part of our lives is our diet and what types of “products” we put in our bodies. You may laugh because I have just  implied that some of our consumption is NOT FOOD but something that resembles food. If you did laugh then you as many others in our culture may be living in a golden tinged nostalgic age where our food came from the Earth to our tables. We are constantly fooled by juice drink, chicken flavored nuggets, and x-treme energy drinks that have a full list of chemicals that are over three syllables long. Ten years ago, well let’s be honest, even today, we hear that 7up was refreshing and crisp. Theoretically 7up is just lemon, lime and soda, which truly is refreshing. Reaching out for a 7up, or Sprite, what we really encounter is a thick syrupy drink full of High Frutcose Corn Syrup, the MSG of sugar. Even the light sugary alternative San Pellegrino is almost too much to finish an entire can. Energy Drinks, VitaDrinks, Power Xion drinks, Neuro Drinks, where do I start or more importantly where does it end? Back to square one. Lemon and Water. Maybe some mint. Even a GMO tinged beautifully large lemon, or the bottled and preserved ReaLemon is a breakthrough from the corner store mentality brought to you by Coke, who as you may know owns 7Up, Vitawater and Gatorade. Bring yourself back to the Earth.

Rey Ninja

Ps. We are the Future