Make a Kandi Mask Videos and Patterns

kandi_mask_patteren_1Making a Kandi mask is the way to go for many of us, you can also purchase one if time is short, or you want to support a crafter. The question is then. How to make a Kandi mask? And where to find a Kandi mask pattern, or do you make your own? We have videos and patterns below, plus a link to a Kandi mask generator.

♥ How To Make Kandi Masks ♥

How to Make a Kandi Cuff – Deadmau5 Hello Kitty! -More patterns from these cool people-

Sugar Skull Kandi Mask: The Complete Guide by HowToKandiKid

“Mortal Kombat” Kandi Mask Tutorial

More How to Videos- Gloving Videos, Hula Hoop Videos, Yoga Videos.

Egyptian Kandi Mask Tutorial