Goa and Psy Trance Documentaries

ozoraThe history of goa trance and psy-trance is enchanting and ties in with the origins of the rave scene and in the case of India the beginnings of the world wide trance and full moon parties on beautiful beaches with a free flowing feel. These documentaries cover different aspect of the early rave and trance scenes.

The Beginning of Trance & Goa trance scene 1992


We are One, all one creation.

This film talks about the scene in Japan and Israel and includes great music.

“Music Is My Drug : Psychedelic Trance”


Anoebis – The History of Goatrance [1996 Morning Side]


And a jump to the modern psy-trance scene with a film about Boom festival.

Boom Festival 2012 Film – The Alchemy Of Spirit (Part I)