Getting Ready for Midsummer Solstice *Lithia* and a Fruit Filled June!


Hello! Get ready for the sweet smells of strawberries, the taste of clean water, and the joy of dancing in the sun!

Welcome to the Summer edition of Rey Ninja’s Look Into The Heavens!



As we begin a fresh new moon we welcome the Strawberry Moon, otherwise known as the Rose Moon. this is the time of year we see the ripe red berries and smell the blooms of roses. If you would like some great insight into making your strawberries thrive here is a great article from the Info Zone.




Summer is also the time of being outdoors and connecting with community. Many fun events happen that include activities for all ages such as games, performances, or even parades. It is always a treat to go out to the rural areas and buy and support local goods. Fresh berries, beer, art, merchandise, you name it!

Here is the *link* to the Seattle Area Events Calendar

Or try some outdoor Shakespeare In The Park

And for the amazing outdoor experience consider the Photosynthesis Festival, a weekend long rave in the beautiful Washington Granite Falls.





For some footage of previous years

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


And back to the fact that this time of the year that we celebrate the Life Bearing Sun!

As we party,dance, BBQ, sun bathe, hike or play sports

we must remember to




Now still on the topic of water it is time to focus a bit more into the magical world. I would like to share an excerpt from the Witches Calendar written by Dallas Jennifer Cobb. All rights reserved.lady_of_the_lake__by_porcelaincora-d4323dx

” Here in North America we are for the most part blessed with easy access to clean, safe drinking water. Taps run with reliable, sanitary water, and stores are stocked with a wide variety of bottled, spring, mineral and vitamin water. But our access to water is changing being affected by climate change, industrial over use, pollution, and depleted water tables. We face changes in our water quality and quantity. A ritual calling on Guinevere, The Lady of The Lake, an Arthurian personification of the Great Mother, can provide focus on and awareness of our relationship  with water, linking self and other, in the healing of the waters.”

And for those who like to play in the Moonlight here is a great website about the Fire Festival of Lithia and the power of fire.


Well, as similar to the Strawberry this is the time to bloom! Continue your arts, work on your projects, time to take what has been planted and watered to the next level. This is also the year of the Horse, the muscle to move forward and the pride of a Clydesdale.


Enjoy the Sun,

Eat, Drink, Be Merry,

Rey Ninja