Fastest Way to Burning Man from Seattle or Portland Vancouver BC

planeSpeed is everything at least in this sped up coffee fueled land we call America. Schedules are tough and many people may not be able to take the Best Way to Burning Man so we also present the fastest way.

1. Private Jet
Go to Boeing Field ask your pilot to fly to the Burning Man airport. Sip a Manhattan as the pilot takes off, and chill for about three hours until you land. For extra cool points we suggest parachuting in.

2. Regular Jet
Head off to the Seattle, Vancouver, or Portland airports and say I want to go to Reno. They sell you an expensive ticket and give you special attention coming and going as they love to see what burners have brought with them to the airport, so friendly, they like to talk about all the little things in our bags, so friendly. Once on the ground you can either rent a car or better yet, old out a sign, “BUrning Man”: you will get a ride, in fact ask people on the plane half of them are going to.

3. 1-5 Seattle to Medford then east
You are probably saying yay, I get to spend more time on I-5, yay 🙂
Well here is the route, pretty simple, pretty fast and a bit easier on slow heavy vehicles than the fun route.

!. Take 1-5 south to Medford
2. Take 40 to Klamath falls
3. In California it turns in C-139
4. Turn onto 299 4 miles north of Alturas this takes you to cedervills (big pass)
5. turn right towards Gerlach 447

Here are notes from Cedarville

Cedarville, CA to Gerlach, NV
Distance: 83 mi.
Driving time: 2 hours

This is the most desolate stretch of the journey. The only business along the way between Cedarville and Gerlach is the small store and Post Office in Eagleville, Planet X Pottery a few miles outside of Gerlach and that’s it. There is almost no houses and I do not know if the ones along the route are occupied or not. One mile before you reach Gerlach, there is a short road that allows you to cross directly to NV-34 and skip Gerlach entirely.

Gerlach, to Burning Man
Distance: 11 mi.
Driving time: 20 minutes