Critical Northwest 2015 Burning Man Regional

critical nwCritical Northwest 2015 Burning Man Regional

Come have fun and prepare for Burning Man at the northwest regional pre-burn. Held at a cool nudist colony how can you go wrong?



Many find themselves one day unable to bear the thought of another moment without travel, the impulse to wander and explore the world too strong to ignore. But the real reason is obvious; it’s a desire to meet new people, gain new experiences, and learn new ways to live.

Our community exists and thrives because of Wanderlust. We want to see the unimaginable in art or performances wrapped in fire and gravity defying structure. We take new hobbies and turn them into careers of vibrant costumes and sculpted metal. We crave to hear the stories of strangers and to make our own with them.

Join Critical NW at LARC July 13th-19th 2015, and share what drives your Wanderlust!

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Theme Camp Registration: (June 1st Deadline)
(more registration links will be added as those forms open – April 15th)

About Critical NW:

Critical Northwest is an arts festival in the style of Nevada’s Burning Man festival, but with a decidedly Cascadian flavor. With only about 1,000 participants, Critical Northwest is much smaller and more intimate than Burning Man. Far from the uncaring desert, participants camp together among the old growth of the pacific northwest, and fill grassy meadows with towering kinetic sculptures and flaming effigies.

Since its humble beginnings in 2003 as a simple weekend getaway, Critical Northwest has bloomed into a full week-long event, complete with large scale interactive theme camps, a central hub with ice sales and free coffee, a fully equipped main performance stage, a daily schedule of workshops, one giant potluck, and over $15,000 worth of granted art projects.

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And now 24 hours at Burning Man 2014