Tides a poem

          ~Tides~ by Ryan Bisset Her beauty defies belief- I’m sure this is real life- but how could such a precious treasure be?- Her heart and mind- contain this energy- Her heart stands time- and remains with the feather king- He’ll never let her dreams- fall into the dark hand- by […]

Spirit Dancer

Oil pastel sketch inspired through and from dancing last night; loosely based on goddess card readings of Lilith, Demeter, and Medusa. I had pulled Lilith last summer after an amazing sunday morning yoga class at Photosynthesis Festival, so thought it was telling that I pulled her again. Lilith was kicked out of Eden by Adam […]

A raver poem from 1998

Who Knows the Center Endures Who knows the outside is clever Who knows the center endures Who masters others gains robot power Who comes to the center has flowering strength Faith of Consciousness is Freedom Hope of Consciousness is strength Love of Consciousness evokes the same in return Faith of seed frees Hope of seed […]