Burning Man TIme Lapse 2003 to 2016

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bmmWhen a camera is set up for a week or longer the view is amazing, time cheats reality and we get to experience more in less time then Shakespeare calculated was possible, when the rabbit comes around the corner and swallows up the universe we gush and life begins anew.

“Holy shit, Diplo is so hot! There would be no pulling out with his fine ass,”–a girl drinking champagne backstage during Major Lazer’s surprise set on Thursday night.

2003 when my Journey Began!

2004 Center Camp

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Machine 2005


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2006 Trip Time Lapse

Original Music 2010 -Hot Stuff

2011 -Qracking

2012 -Kayla Scintilla music

Bonus Video


Check out the Ten Principles of Burning Man

2014 Burning man Time lapses


Burning Man 2014 Time-Lapse Seen From Mountain Top: Galaxy in the Dust by Jason Phipps