Best Queen Remixes

Queen was an inspirational band for Hippyraver since I was about 8 years old when the song We will rock you went number one, along with the flip We are the Champions. side, Freddie Mercury and Queen where way ahead of the time, and lived life to the fullest, their music is fresh and original, so why not see what others have done with it?

Here is one of the most famous remakes, with David Bowie
Queen – Under Pressure (Remix) ft. David Bowie

Queen – We will rock you Remix Dubstep (Mad maestro tribute By Devin Martin)

A modern Take on the great British rock band.
Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

This song created quite a stir on the you-tube comment thread, as multiple people are curious about the trains, you will most likely be satisfied with the music, and wondering why you are at the Am-trak website.
Under Pressure Remix