Best Boiler Room Berlin Dj Sets

boiler_roomWhat is the Boiler Room? Is it a place to get dumplings? A place to hear breaks? Everyone big in the house and techno scenes, especially European Minimalist producers has played there! While it is crowded that is because they always have amazing talent!

Video with an interactive Chat-room is the idea, only 100 people get to see each show live but over 100,000 will watch wired in from their cozy living rooms, or bedrooms or kitchens, or Internet cafes around the world.

We start with the hottest DJ to play there!

Nina Kraviz Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Richie Haughtin is also Plastikman from back in the day, and I suspect he played under many other names, here he plays his patented smooth electro bliss 🙂
Richie Hawtin 60 min Boiler Room Berlin DJ set

Scuba Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

So why do so many people talk trash about the boiler room? Here is on theory.

Machinedrum Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Sven Väth Boiler Room Berlin Groove Magazine take-over Mix