17 Fun Ways to Get High without Drugs

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17 Fun Ways to Get High without Drugs

1. Drink a smoothie

While the vitamins and supplements in smoothies have similar effects., smoothies are healthy and full of real food. Delicious and energy creating smoothies can turn your day or night into adventure time.

partner_yoga2. Do a few down dogs -Yoga
The first time (love the first time) I finished a yoga class, a huge rush of energy ran through my body, cell by cell the my body was energized with better oxygen, the chakra’s flowed, and good times followed.

3. Dance
Dancing prancing and romancing, Dancing is fun, sensual, athletic, and life affirming. The fact that many Christian cities banned it outright should be a clue how fun it is. Dancing makes you healthier, can push you over 20k steps a day the musical and fun way.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi

4. Meditate
The brain changes during meditation, disease fades away and often people report a sense of well being and changed perception after meditating.

roller_coaster_fun5. Ride a roller coaster
Cant get much higher than that 🙂

6. Spin
Spinning is one the 7 exercises for longer life and it is fun. The whirling dervishes make a religion out of spinning, you can too!

7. Eat foods with Serotonin.
Serotonin is a pre-curser to MDMA and a very important natural occurring chemical. It is crucial for mental well being and a lack of it can also lead to sickness. Many foods contain Serotonin here are a few of them. (see our article for more information).

8. Laugh
Watch a comedy, make a joke, or just laugh. Laugh long enough and happiness may become a permanent feature of life.
The laughter society has helped zillions of sour souls to find happiness. Be careful though or you might find yourself being tickled for days at one of their secret hideouts.

9. Chocolate-
Really do we have to elaborate here:) So delicious and life affirming chocalte is, they even made a movie or two about the scintillating treat. Chocolate does share the same receptor as THC, yet qualifies as a legal and safe boost.

mountain10. Hike up a big hill/mountain
Making it to the top is one the best rushes. The exercise is good and if a scenic hike is chosen the view itself is a rush.

11. Play Music
Picking up an guitar, strumming a string, hitting a drum, blowing, all these primal adventures, help us in many ways, fun, exhilarating and even educational. Playing music is where its at.

12. Get or give a massage
The feelings released by a good massage are priceless and certainly better than any drug. Many studies have show real health benefits from massages, the more regular the better.

(18 and older section)
13. Kiss. Kissing is a great way to set the dope-amine receptors wild.

(18 and older section)
14. Hot Sex
The connections made during sex are thought to last for years even when partners are not around. The chemicals released and created by our bodies during sex and flirting bring great pleasure and are proven to help the body and mind, even increasing life spans.

15. Read something exciting
A page turner indeed! I can’t put it down! When we are entranced in one thing it blocks out the rest of the world, for many this is why they drink too much alcohol or overuse other drugs. Reading allows us to escape and to learn, one page at a time.

16. Hang upside down (safely of course)
Many yoga poses have people in an upside down, or at least hanging their hands and heads down. When upside down the blood rushes to the head and this can help restore equilibrium and maintain mental health.

17. 5. Tickling
Whether the giver or receiver tickling is bound to put a smile on your face, and depression in its place.

Bonus ways to have fun….

rolling downRoll down a hill. Kids love it, adults forget its fun, find a hill and roll don’t run.




17 Fun Ways to Get High without Drugs –Video Edition

17 Fun Ways to Get High without Drugs