Scarcity Complex

Scarcity mindset is, unfortunately, one of the main sick paradigms of our culture and has been for quite some time. It is the implication that there are a limited amount of resources and if someone gets “more” then others will not get enough. This is false programming designed to keep us oppressed. There is a natural ebb and flow and there is actually more than enough.

Watched a “public shaming” video the other day where a woman was apparently scamming people into thinking she was homeless when she actually is seen getting into a brand new SUV. There were many comments defiling the woman as somehow “stealing” money from those who are truly in need. Nope. There is still more than enough for those in need even if she is taking *some* money. What the focus needs to be on rather than vilifying the poor against the poor is to realize that the rich are hoarding and misspending 99% of the money!

Read an article this morning that a small business in Portland named Kooks was shut down by social justice warriors for “cultural appropriation”! Two white women went to Mexico to learn how to make authentic tortillas and then opened their own burrito shop. The interweb had a field day and left 1 star Yelp reviews, all claiming that somehow this business was taking away from POC businesses! Again, a big nope! The world doesn’t work that way! More variety often leads to more success.


Both of these examples just indicate how pervasive the scarcity mindset has been ingrained in most people. Even when they think they are morally doing the “right thing” it still is buying into mass disempowerment. There is always more than enough. All your needs will be provided for. Feel it, know it.

-Maureen Grooverkitty–> 



Editors Note: It could be said Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. So helping others achieve abundance– or achieving abundance and gifting it, is perhaps a better way to create a better world than the examples above.


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